Final conference Keep Youngsters Involved

Op 14 en 15 maart vindt het slotcongres van 'Keep Youngsters Involved in Sport' plaats. Het Engelstalige congres is de afsluiting van het Europese Erasmus+ Sport project 'Keep Youngsters Involved in Sport'.

Final conference ‘Keep Youngsters Involved in Sport’ March 14th & 15th 2019 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Do you wonder why a lot of youngsters dropout from sport and what you can do to prevent it? If so, block March 14th & 15th 2019 in your agenda and join us at the final conference ‘Keep Youngsters Involved in Sport’ in Amsterdam.

The 14 factors 'How to prevent youngsters from dropout in sport’ will be presented; you will hear the voice of the youngsters themselves; you get to know the toolkit; and get inspired in the interactive sessions on how to keep youngsters involved in sport clubs.

At the end of the one and a half day final conference ‘Keep Youngsters Involved’, you are able to create an action plan and implement the products and tools in your country at local, regional or national level.

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The European Erasmus+ Sport project ‘Keep Youngsters Involved in Sport’ aims to find answers to the question: ‘How can we prevent youngsters (12-19 years old) from dropping out of sport?’. In many European countries, we see that a lot of youngsters give up sport due to a lack of motivation, problems with school schedule or different interests. The project targets youngsters in general and specifically those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Together with seven different European sports organisations, the Knowledge Centre for Sport has worked on the project over the last two years. During this final conference, we are going to present the outcomes of the project which are applicable at different sports clubs all over Europe.


English spoken conference

Date and time schedule

Starts on Thursday 14th March at 14.00 and finishes on Friday 15th at 17.00.

Conference fee

€ 185,- (including 1 meal and 2 lunches).


Amsterdam, Sports club Only Friends, Beemsterstraat 652

Target group

European professionals who work in the field of youth sport (12-19 year olds) on national, regional or local levels.

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