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  • The global matrix 3.0: physical activity report card grades for children and youth (2018)

    results and analysis from 49 countries

    The Global Matrix 3.0 of Report Card grades on physical activity was developed to achieve a better understanding of the global variation in child and youth physical activity and associated…

  • Van oost naar west (2017)

    Poolse, Bulgaarse en Roemeense kinderen in Nederland: ouders over de leefsituatie van hun kinderen

    De toetreding van Polen tot de Europese Unie in 2004 en van Bulgarije en RoemeniĆ« in 2007 heeft geleid tot een toename van migranten uit deze landen naar Nederland. Hoe…

  • A mapping of traditional sports and games (TSG) in Europe (2016)

    Overzicht van bonden en federaties die traditionele sporten uit Europese landen vertegenwoordigen.

  • Promoting health equity in European children (2014)

    design and methodology of the prospective EPHE (epode for the promotion of health equity) evaluation study

    Background: Reducing health inequalities is a top priority of the public health agendas in Europe. The EPHE project aims to analyse the added value of a community-based interventional programme based…

  • Focusing on obesity through a health equity lens (2010)

    a collection of innovative approaches and promising practices by health promotion bodies in Europe to counteract obesity and improve health equity

    The document contains nearly 100 project descriptions running in 28 different european countries, from the international level to local community initiatives. A new report to demonstrate the link between health…