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  • Safeguaring children in sport (2019)

    a mapping study, a report to the European Commission

    The topic of safe sport, and safe sport for children in particular has gained significant attention in recent years. Millions of children across the EU participate in different sport activities…

  • EU sports policy (2019)

    going faster, aiming higher, reaching further

    This document is prepared for, and addressed to, the Members and staff of the European Parliament as background material to assist them in their parliamentary work. 

  • Towards gender balance in sport (2019)

    How gender equality in sport is addressed in Europe; results of the extensive data collection campaign in 2019. Six strategic fields explored: leadership coaching participation (from grassroots to elite sport)…

  • European journal for sport and society (2019)

    Europees wetenschappelijk tijdschrift over sport en de samenleving. Het tijdschrift verschijnt vier keer per jaar.

  • Wat doen ze daar eigenlijk? (2019)

    gesprekken met Nederlandse Europarlementariërs

    Dit boek beschrijft het werk van de Nederlandse Europarlementariërs sinds 2014. Zij komen aan het woord over hun activiteiten, de resultaten waar ze trots op zijn en de manier waarop…

  • Sports clubs as a medium for integrating people with disabilities (2019)

    Participation in sports clubs is often ascribed with the ability to promote social integration of people with disabilities, since it can provide a platform for creating social networks and friendships.…

  • European sport management quartely (2019)

    European Sport Management Quarterly (ESMQ) is the official Thomson Reuters listed journal of the European Association for Sport Management. It has an international reputation for publishing articles that contribute to…

  • Evaluation study on the implementation of the European Week of Sport (2019)

    final report

    This report presents findings of the external evaluation of the implementation of the European Week of Sport (EWoS). The study aimed to analyse the relevance, coherence, added value, effectiveness and…

  • Democratic participation in voluntary associations (2019)

    a multilevel analysis of sport clubs in Europe

    Non-profit associations are usually democratically organized, and this feature plays a legitimizing role for the public support to associations. This article examines which characteristics at country level, organizational level and…

  • Verbonden. Met elkaar. Plezier. (2018)


    Van 3 tot en met 7 augustus 2018 werden in Friesland de eerste European Sports for All Games gehouden. Dit boek geeft een impressie en een overzicht van geleerde lessen.