• Health for the world's adolescents (2014)

    a second chance in the second decade

    Health for the world's adolescents : a second chance in the second decade

    What must we do to improve and maintain the health of the world’s one billion adolescents? This report is fully addressing that question across the broad range of health needs of people ages 10-19 years. It’s a dynamic, multimedia, online report. It describes why adolescents need specific attention, distinct from children and adults. It presents a global overview of adolescents’ health and health-related behaviours, including the latest data and trends, and discusses the determinants that influence their health and behaviours. It features adolescents’ own perspectives on their health needs. The report brings together all WHO guidance concerning adolescents across the full spectrum of health issues. It offers a state-of-the-art overview of four core areas for health sector action: – providing health services – collecting and using the data needed to advocate, plan and monitor health sector interventions – developing and implementing health-promoting and health-protecting policies and – mobilizing and supporting other sectors. The report concludes with key actions for strengthening national health sector responses to adolescent health.

    Organisatie(s) : World Health Organization (WHO)
    Jaar: 2014
    Uitgever(s): WHO
    Mediumsoort: Rapport
    Trefwoord(en): adolescenten, beleid, geografische gebieden, gezondheid, politiek
    Literatuurverwijzing: World Health Organization (WHO) (2014). Health for the world's adolescents: a second chance in the second decade. WHO.